Sunday, February 28, 2010

Addicted to my husband, sleeping, reading, vanilla waffles, chocolate....

My list of addictions could go on for an eternity. However today is mostly about my addiction to Saturday. Yes, you can be addicted to a day of the week, just as you can detest a day of the week (i.e. Monday). So I am inclined to tell you that my textbook definition of Saturday comes from the very wise and very astute Barney from HIMYM.

In Barney's words Saturday = Awesomeness

Why? because its generally the one day where I feel that I can be lazy guilt free. Monday - Friday are the days where I try to be productive with my unemployed self so that I can feel somewhat entitled to a lazy day on Saturday. However, even though I feel justified by this reasoning, I still really don't deserve a day of laziness. Saturday is also the one day I am guaranteed to sleep in past 9am, cuddle with my puppy in bed, cuddle with my husband in bed, make waffles, catch up on my reading and generally do nothing. Which in short is why Saturday = Awesomeness.

So while I bask in the awesomeness that is Saturday here are a few of the things that my awesome self enjoyed/created during my Saturday of awesomeness.

1. Vanilla Waffles - so simple and yet so much better then your basic waffle. Follow the instructions on your waffle mix and just add vanilla extract. How much depends on how much you love vanilla. I would say at minimum 1 tbs, but the more the better :) For even more amazing waffles try out Sweetstacks pancake mix that you can use for waffles. Honestly, the best thing in the world! It's a pacific islander recipe that makes the most decadent pancakes/waffles ever. You don't even need butter. Try a free sample (you pay shipping and handling) here.


photo credits: google - unfortunately I didn't snap any of my own :(

2. Photo Editing - I don't know how to use nor do I own photoshop or any other expensive photo-editing software, however I do know a thing or two around Microsoft Word for Macs and Publisher for PC's and to be honest you can create some awesome stuff with these programs. So today I made a photo card circa 1970's with a picture of my hubby and I. I love retro colors so that was the inspiration behind the borders/text.

3. Saturday nights are generally reserved for going out and this Saturday we went to a place in Little Italy called Caffe Italia. They serve the yummiest Gelato Milkshakes with Italian soda and whipped creme. Honestly, if you are ever in San Diego you MUST go here. They serve 3 different shakes: Muddy River - dark chocolate gelatoawesomeness, Orange Baba - orange/strawberry gelatoawesomeness, and Caffe Emmline - espresso gelatoawesomeness. The only thing you need to remember is to bring cash. The drinks are about $5 each and seriously YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT. I have tried all 3 and my fav is Muddy River, but they are all great so pick your poison. 


Muddy River 

Yummy ooey goey whipped creme and tons of chocolate :)

Great coffee as well

and cappuccino

and in case you forgot the place is called Caffe....


mi amo caffe italia!


  1. Will DEFINITELY be putting some vanilla extract in my waffles next time...I wonder if it would be good in pancakes too?? And I am salivating looking at the Muddy River picture. I want one!

  2. It is totally delish in pancakes as well!! I have done both. I have heard vanilla extract works better in pancakes and vanilla bean works better in waffles, but vanilla beans are expensive! So I have only done extract. :)

  3. Hope your having a great time away... We missed having you guys here tonight.

  4. um, i tried the vanilla waffles, and it was AMAZING. thank you for that my love! <3


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