Saturday, October 9, 2010

I don't get it...

Why is Abortion looked upon as being humane at 12 weeks and then being inhumane at 24 weeks. If a heart beat can start as early as 5 weeks and a few days how are we justifying what makes a life a life and a life something that can be justifiably disposed

I personally am 100% pro-life. Now, I know this subject creates a ton of controversy, but seriously people, how is killing a life, whether the "life" is a 3 week old embryo or an 80 year old woman acceptable?

I just don't get it.

I was watching 16 and pregnant on MTV the other day (I know, I know...pathetic, but hey I got sucked in) and one girl said, "Honestly, you really can't prevent pregnancy. I mean people should just chill out because they know we can't refrain from having sex and who wants to use a condom. Pregnancy is just unpreventable." Again, I just don't get it. I am aware this is a 16 year old, but come on, I was not this dumb at 16. However, I must also say this 16 year old girl's other more wiser friend said, "Dude, there a ton of ways to prevent getting pregnant the easiest one is to just not have sex, then there are condoms, the pill...." Finally, I was like hallelujah someone who has a brain. If you don't want the responsibility of having a child then here is a simple fail proof way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy DON'T HAVE SEX.

I know people have a million and one reasons why abortions are acceptable and a million and one reasons how to justify them in their minds - rape, health issues, age, money, birth defects etc. and I am not here to judge those who have all I am saying is do you really, truly, wholeheartedly think its okay?

Because if you do, I still just don't get it. 

Here is the article that spurred on this discussion. A little girl survives birth at just 21 weeks. Apparently, seeing this glorious little life and her precious little toes and feet has changed the hearts of Britain. They now believe that their abortion cut-off limit of 24 weeks is bad. No offense, but I find the perspective of this article totally WACK. The headline reads as follows...

"How could anyone look at this photo and deny its time to cut the abortion limit?"



I am sorry if this offends your delicate sensibilities or political views or takes away your freedoms as a woman or your choices, but I regret to inform you that growing life inside you, being blessed with the opportunity of bearing a child, becoming a parent, adding to the world's population is an extremely amazing honor and one that should not be disposed of so lightly. So I apologize if your delicate sensibilities have been offended because you think that handling a delicate child with a pair of forceps is justifiable.

Because once again I just don't get it. 

p.s. I wrote this blog post almost 6 months ago and was sort of encouraged to not post it because of the controversy that it will most likely spark. However, recently one of my best friends just gave birth at 24 weeks and her son is now in the NICU. After witnessing this miracle and hearing how hard the doctors and nurses are working to keep him alive it baffles me that on the other end of the spectrum they can easily kill a baby at 24 weeks because it was "unwanted". How can we work so hard to save a life and yet so easily dispose the same life?

**I really do try to keep this blog light and easy going, but sometimes I just feel my passion about certain subjects boiling inside me and I have to release it. My desire isn't to create controversy or build walls with my friends, but I have to be honest with myself and with others about how certain things in this world make me feel. It is not my place to judge nor to look down upon others who feel differently than I do about abortion, but it is my place to voice my opinion on world standards. If you are reading this and you are someone who has had an abortion please do not feel that I am personally attacking you. That is not my objective. If you do, I sincerely apologize. However, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on my point of view. Even if you do think I am a crazed conservative who doesn't understand anything, because to the world's view point I don't. I place my faith in God and not in man thus the probability is high that I will generally find myself disagreeing with mans views of life.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." Jeremiah 1:5


  1. Personally, I have to say that while it might abhorrent, abortion is one of the things which allows women to keep some idea of control over their own body.

    It's tough to say to someone, "Don't have sex if you don't want to get pregnant" because human nature will cause people to have sex. Pregnancy is one of the consequences, but if you have no attachment to the fetus, there is nothing wrong with destroying it. Especially if it will destroy your and the fetuses eventual life.

    There are a couple other schools of thought. One is that pregnancy can potentially kill you and you should be able to have a choice whether or not you want to go through that (and the choice doesn't happen when you have sex. People haves sex all the time, using condoms or the pill, which is not for procreation.). Two, is technically, the fetus IS a parasite on a woman's body until it can live on its own. Since this is the case, a woman needs to have the ability to destroy it if she wishes.

    I know I will never change your mind, not do I want to try. However, I understand that people will continue to have sex and that birth control will sometimes fail. Because of this, we need to have a fail safe for women who do not wish to give their life up to something they did not want. Abortion helps maintain women's rights, child rights, and basic human rights and dignity.

    1. Women can maintain control over their bodies by choosing to be abstinent, or by using birth control. Sex was created by God as a beautiful gift to married men and women to bring life into the world. If we don't wish to create life, we should refrain from the activity that is certain to create one. It is nonsensical to write that abortion protects children when this act clearly kills.

  2. Wow. You said it sister. I am right there with you. Especially with all of our friends and you having babies, I look at the little babies and I could never understand why anyone would abort such precious life! I guess I don't get it either...

  3. Unfortunately, we as humans think we have rights that impede on others lives. I think since the fall, we have obtained the ability to take life away however we have always had the ability to bring life into the world. (Which is incredible, really. That God would allow us such a gift)

    To anonymous writer above, thanks for sharing, but I do not believe these are our "rights." Its taking life into our own hands and for that, I truly believe God weeps. Wanted or unwanted, human life isn't something we can dispose of. Where are the rights of the unborn?

  4. Maybe I shouldn't have worded it so black and white when I said "If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex". I understand that people are going to have sex (even though again I am conservative and hold to the idea that it is something for marriage), but since a "side effect" of sex is pregnancy then they need to be able to deal with that and take on the responsibilities of whatever life they created. I do not agree with the statement "if they don't have an attachment to the fetus they should be able to destroy it". Using Abortion as a form of birth control is ridiculous. I understand there will never be a full proof form of birth control, but that doesn't mean we have the right to destroy another human life. I think its sad that a baby's life has no rights until its out of the mother's womb. Not to mention I don't know a single person who has had an abortion and legitimately feels good about it after. They more then likely go through a severe grieving period and sometimes the grief will always be with them. How can we justify something that feels so wrong?

  5. I came across your blog! Ah! Sigh of relief! Finally someone not scared to say how they feel, especially with all of the forbearance in the air.

    Completely agree. This article puts the topic in perspective and the lack of understanding for what makes the 'sensitive' subject in any way right. I mean come on now, what's not sensitive about a 20 week old baby being yanked out and killed. For how nature-centric, health minded, and eco-conscious our society has shifted (or seems to attempt to shift), the fact that this is a topic we choose to overlook boggles my mind. Miscarriages are natural, abortions however are very much so not. I think it's societies way of having their cake and eating too by accepting promiscuity and their crazy ability to oust the blessed repercussions. I happen to have a childhood best friend who did this at age 18 and has never been the same. The psychological effects are far far worse then simply owning up to your choice to have unprotected sex. That's what pro-choice should mean.

  6. If anyone wants to read the story of our friend April who had her baby Caleb at 24 weeks, please check out their website:

    His story is miraculous and beautiful. To think he could have been legally "disposed of" makes me so sad. And it makes me even more sad that people have found so many ways to justify ending a life like his, just because it might be inconvenient or dangerous for the mother. Life is life.

    I wish more young women would consider adoption as an alternative...

  7. I am with you, after my first baby was born at 26 weeks, how anyone could even thing of aborting is beyond me. You see the heart beat on the monitor at 6 weeks it is a person. There is always someone out there that would raise that child.


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