Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Living in 178 square feet

I often complain about the fact that I don't have enough space to live in. Who doesn't? My husband and I live in a 600sq ft condo in an eclectic, urban neighborhood known as Normal Heights (when I say eclectic and urban it's really just a more romantic way of saying slightly ghetto and full of misguided youth). For example, you can take a walk down Adams Avenue (the main street) and find quaint antique shops, coffee houses and restaurants. However, along the way you will also find a medicinal marijuana store, several liquor stores that double as cell phone repair stores, and "Mama Roots" which is a store completely dedicated to all of your black magic needs. Does that paint a better picture?

Even though our neighborhood has it's downfalls, I absolutely love living here. It's infiltrated with dozens of cultures, wonderful food, and a great artistic atmosphere. And being that we are in California and only 10 minutes away from the beach the cost of living can be quite outrageous. I would say the average single family home over 1,000 sq feet can cost anywhere from $400,000 to 800,000. It ain't cheap. So we bought what we could afford which was 600sq feet. Luckily, the layout is great and its been completely renovated, but still there is only so much you can do with 600 square feet of living space.

So with that being said I would like to inspire all of you out there, who are living in what a lot of people would call a large closet with a kitchen and bathroom, to be grateful for the space you have. This article that I am about to share with you is truly AMAZING. A young man by the name of Zack Motl lives in 178 square feet of pure gorgeousness. After seeing his photos I truly wanted to switch houses with him. This goes to show that amazing design and having a good artistic eye can make the best of even the smallest spaces.

Here is the story.


Meet Zach - Small Space Decorator Extraordinaire

Meet Zach's living, sleeping, entertaining and dining space.

Meet Zach's Bar and Kitchen

Meet a close-up of Zach's Kitchen

Does anyone else want to go to New York and meet Zach and marry Zach and live in Zach's 178sq feet of amazingness? I think the pure fact that I am willing to downgrade by 400+ sq feet, knowing full well that I already complain about how small 600sq feet is, just shows you that thinking outside of the box is necessary when dealing with small spaces. Reading Zach's story has definitely inspired me to do some changes to my own home. 

Here are more pictures of his 178sq foot dwelling in New York.

 Do you complain about how small your house is?


  1. haha... LOVE THIS POST MELISSA! Joel and I live in 365 sq. feet and I have never found anyone that could beat that- now I know that it could be smaller.. haha! THANKS for this little inspiration! LOVE YOU!

  2. Mmmmmmm YES PLEASE!!! -kix

  3. This place is awesome! I love his style!

  4. Hum- I think my place is about the same size..and costs the same..and i'm not even IN DC! Ugh! Atleast he got to paint and make it cool! mine is LAME! :) I want to see what you can do w/ that brain of yours and 600 sq ft!

  5. Now that is unbelievable! I shall never complain about 735 sq ft again!


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