Sunday, May 23, 2010

Me... a mom?

Yes, its true. Come this November I will be sporting the title Mommy. Truth be told as much as I am dying to have a large family, the idea of owning a stroller in 6 months is really hard to swallow. I can't wait to have the baby in my arms, but a stroller? eeek its freaks me out. I think its because I will feel like I have crossed over into the world of "Mom" and I don't want to just define myself as a Mom. I still want to be a wife, sister, friend, daughter and well I still want to be Melissa. I think becoming a Mom and holding that title is a tremendous blessing, but I don't want to lose myself amongst it all. Does that make sense? Anyhow enough of the deep talk, lets move onto the fun stuff :)

Here are some of our ultrasounds...

Our first Appointment - 8 weeks

The next two pictures are 12 weeks

(profile of the little peanut)

(looking right at you)

The next two pictures are at 12w and 4 days - Genetic Testing Ultrasound
(crazy how much change in 4 days)

(sorry for the poor quality this one didn't photograph well)
but you can see our little peanut's nose and all 5 fingers!

I haven't really started to show that much because well its my first pregnancy and I guess that is normal. However, here is a picture of me at 14 weeks. I did grow a little more this week, but I don't have a picture of that just yet...

So that is my update thus far on our little one. Our next appointment is June 3rd which is obviously right before June 4th which will be our 4th Wedding Anniversary :) We are praying that we might be able to find out the sex. It would make for an awesome anniversary present and a great way to start off our weekend in Palm Springs. Lastly, since we kept it to ourselves for awhile some people have been wondering how my first trimester went and honestly besides having a horrible cold for 5 weeks (still recovering) I felt pretty great. I didn't have any morning sickness just fatigue and loss of appetite. I thank God everyday for sparing me from morning sickness. My sorority sister/friend for life Lorin had it pretty bad and made me think, "Gosh, I don't know if I can handle that". My husbands response to how everything turned out was, "Maybe God knew what Lorin could handle and what you couldn't and he just spared you from it". At first I thought he was calling me weak, but then I reconsidered and realized I didn't care. I just was happy I didn't have it :) Oh and one more thing I don't really have any unusual food cravings, I just want ice cream and french fries all the time. Which to be honest isn't much different from before I got pregnant. 


  1. Congratulations, Sunny!! How exciting! :D


    I love you. More. Than. Ever.

  3. Jeremy AKA ScrumMay 23, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    Babies, babies are springing up everywhere! Congrats, excited for you guys!

    Jeremy aka. Scrum

  4. YAY I am so excited! You and Hector are going to be such a blessing to that little baby! He/She as entered into the right family:)


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