Saturday, January 8, 2011

Etsy Finds

I had so much fun writing and sharing my last post about my Etsy finds I figured I would continue with a new post here and there once I find enough things to share. So here is what I have found since my last post. I hope you enjoy!

**p.s. for those of you who love to give unique gifts you really should try Etsy. Seriously I was looking for something to send my friend Jeanne for her 27th birthday and she happens to have this thing for purple hippos. Random I know, but that's Jeanne. So I went onto Etsy and did a search for anything related to purple hippos and dozens of items came up. Seriously awesome. So I ended up buying her a pair of purple hippo earrings. When you really think about it I am sure you can come up with something unique that they people you love would love. Honestly who doesn't love a gift that shows a lot of thoughtfulness. I do!


 I seriously died when I saw this. Soooo creative!!

Now this will have to be purchased for my friend Jeanne if she happens to have a daughter in the near future. Although I bet she would wear it herself as well! I did get her purple hippo earrings for her birthday, but this might be a little too much.


  1. I think this is the owl hat I ordered for my friends little girl. Her nursery is owls. Kristin Sauter

  2. my niece has that owl hat! so cute huh? Macy's is pink though!

  3. so freakin cute! I would wear that beanie myself!!! and just might have to order it! I mean, my peanut head would fit it!!! The owls are so cute too! You will def be my personal shopper when I have a kid!


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