Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't Judge a Book By it's Cover?

Whoever said that wasn't alive to see the 21st century and has absolutely no idea how to sell something to a woman. I am obsessed with packaging, product design, print design, typography, etc. Meaning that I wholeheartedly disregard the old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" and thus judge a book by its cover. I hate to say it, but I am a sucker for a great cover and I hate bad ones.

Really hate bad ones.

Have you been to a Border's lately? I am there at least twice a month. Okay really its more like twice a week, but what can you do when your a sucker for literature and can't afford to buy every book you see. I go to Border's and read them for free. Yes, I have a library card and yes I use it on a daily basis, but NOT every book is available at the Library and the really popular ones have you on a wait list for up to 70 days?! Honestly, I am impatient and just can't wait that long when I really want, no need, no am obsessed with finishing a book. Especially if its a trilogy. All authors of trilogies should just write all of their books and sell them in one complete package! The waiting is excruciating sometimes and sooo frustrating. Example.. Suzanne Collins author of Hunger Games and Catching Fire has a 3rd book that doesn't release until August 24th. I am literally dying with impatience. However from a marketing perspective and a retail perspective I totally get the waiting period, but its just not fair.

Anyhow back to book covers. So I am reading this series by Ann Godbersen called The Luxe. I finished the first book and now I am onto the second. Why you might ask am I reading it? Was it because of the great reviews on, a superb recommendation from a friend, or cuz it made the New York Time's Bestseller list? No, No and Nope. I just saw the front cover and thought to myself yummy that looks delicious.

Here is the cover.

Now, I understand if you personally aren't attracted to the cover. Pink dresses aren't exactly every girl's cup of tea, but honestly it takes place during one of my favorite time periods and is all about high society life for young wealthy New Yorkers. It basically equates to everything that I am not or have never experienced in life which = a good read. But if you asked me whether the book was great, I would probably say eh ummm ahhh uhh ohhh hmmm sort of? I read it rather quickly so it did keep my attention, but it was predictable and somewhat unoriginal. Think Gossip Girl circa 1800's, however it lacked the raciness, explicit teenage sex, and drug use (thankfully). So I am forced to continue reading because I have to know what happens! It's like I need closure when I start reading a series and even when I lose interest I find myself pressing on regardless of whether or not I enjoy it. Unless the book really sucks then it just sits on my coffee table with a bookmark in it until I have to return it to the Library.

So in honor of never listening to the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover," here are some books that I wanted to read without ever seeing a review because their cover just spoke to me.

I also have a list of GREAT books with horrible covers. Thank God for reviews in those circumstances otherwise I may never have picked up and read those wonderful words.

Do you have any favorites covers you would like to share?

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  1. I could not agree more! The cover is what draws me in, the packaging makes me buy, and if its PINK it doesn't matter what it is- I NEED IT! Funny how that works! Great post!


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