Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toilet Paper front or back?

This is a simple question and should have a simple response, yet I feel households across America are divided on the question at hand.

Should the toilet paper face the front or the back?

Personally I hate it when my husband changes the roll because he is guaranteed to always put it facing the back which I find annoying and then I must immediately change it so that it faces the front otherwise I go crazy. Does anyone else agree with this madness?

Exhibit A: Correct

Exhibit B: Incorrect



  1. over, over, over (exhibit A) btw, love your website. you are so cute!

  2. A!!!!

    When Erik changes the roll he does the same thing and as soon as I notice I immediately change it. I don't think he realizes at all! :)

    5 days!

  3. Thanks Christy! and Jeanne we are on the same page with toilet paper. I immediately change it and he never says a thing. I think he is too lazy to care, but likes to irritate me enough to always put it on backwards!!! ahhh

  4. Exhibit B, primarily because of the physics behind it...gravity works better with Exhibit B.

    The gravity issue isn't as urgent in home bathrooms, but it definitely plays a part in public bathrooms. TP coming from the back rarely ever tears early. TP coming from the front is guaranteed to tear early on a new roll.

    Thus, for home and commercial use, B is the best.


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