Monday, March 22, 2010

Yum Yum Yum

So the foodie in me strikes again.

For all of you whose stomachs happen to graze the roads of San Diego, I have a special secret to reveal to you... I just happen to know where they serve the BEST Breakfast Burrito EVER.

I am almost hesitant to share. Why? because it will then no longer be my little hole in the wall taco shop that so dearly meets my high expectations for making what should be one of the world's greatest contributions to food. Can I get an amen?

Seriously, the breakfast burrito can be eaten at any time of day and will satisfy ones hunger with the highest levels of satisfaction and pleasure. I could conceivably eat one every day. However, I would then be significantly overweight and very unhappy, thus I resist and try to limit it to once or twice a month (sometimes more).

So are you curious? Do you have any idea of the place I might be talking about? Is your body prepared for the onslaught of high caloric intake because of receiving the most important foodie secret known to mankind?

If not, then let me clarify a few things before I get a million responses that say, "I know a place better", "I think that place sucks", 'Haven't you ever tried ____?", because if I know one thing its that people can be quite passionate about food and even more passionate about their favorite food places. Case in point: Me. So knowing that, I would like to preface my discovery with the following:

1. I have tried many, many, many breakfast burritos at dozens of restaurants throughout San Diego and none of them compare in my opinion to this place. 
2. This place also happens to have some of the best house made red sauce EVER and thus enhances the over quality of the burrito, not that the sauce is necessary for it to be delicious.
3. The factors that I take into consideration when determining the BEST Breakfast Burrito from an OKAY Breakfast Burrito are the following:

a. Eggs must be fluffy, bright yellow and white in coloring none of that overcooked egg slop.
b. There must be MEAT in it, meaning it has to have well-cooked bacon or sausage and not soggy bacon in it.
c. Potatoes and cheese (cheddar not AMERICAN) must make a healthy appearance as well.
d. Tomatoes, onions, peppers and things of that nature have to be in there somewhere. Unless they have an amazing red sauce or salsa then its okay for it to not be in there.
e. And lastly I love beans in my BB. Not black beans, but the perfect concoction of pinto beans.
f. oh and it can't be all greasy and oozing like a oily sludge that's gross.

So please keep this in mind because you may not like these things in your BB and if that is the case, then shame on you. You are missing out.

Anyhow, moving on... so taking into account everything I said above in my opinion the absolute BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO just so happens to hail from...

If you think you know of a better place then I will fully accept a Best Breakfast Burrito challenge, however you must try Lucy's before making the assumption that your place is better :) By all means though send me your recommendations, I can never resist trying a new potential 
Best Breakfast Burrito.

Happy Eating!


  1. I love me some breakfast burritos! Gonna have to give this place a try for sure Melly!

  2. Can we try one when I'm down there this weekend??? You know how I love my breakfast burritos too!! I think I had my first one for dinner with you! xoxo


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