Monday, March 29, 2010

Why can't I get paid to be a Housewife?

So my job hunt continues. However, what I am really wondering is why I can't get paid to be a Housewife? I mean I am great at it, I love doing it and it seriously fills me with joy, but no one will pay me to do it. I don't get it.

Today I honestly think I hit job applications #120 and #121. I am fully aware that the economy sucks and that supposedly no one is hiring, but then how come there are a million and one job ads that won't respond to any of my calls, emails or applications???? grrrrrrrr

I am still working on my own company comprised of fine art photography, home decor design, textile design and other embellishments, but no one is going to pay me while I get that going either so I must submit to finding a company willing to give me a paycheck.

If anyone has any leads or ideas on companies I should apply for I am open to almost anything!

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