Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's a ...

For some reason, my mind totally thought it was 100% boy and so I therefore think my womanly intuition is non-existent. We had our anatomy ultrasound on June 22nd and my husband was able to come along, needless to say the entire experience was quite emotional. It was his first time seeing our little peanut move on screen and since the husbands don't carry the little one they are somewhat detached from the reality of the whole situation. However, I am pretty sure the moment he saw the hand moving and feet kicking he realized that come November we will have a child.  And not just any child, but a girl.

I think most men have reservations about having girls and they convince themselves they have more to fear. Their minds instantly age their little girl by 15 years and they start thinking about the boys they will date and the "choices" they will make. However, I know that God ultimately has a plan that is greater then anything we can do as parents and so as long as we place our faith in Him what can we fear?

I personally had this notion that a boy first would be better because then he would fulfill the role as older brother, protector and leader. Then I realized that your children are who they are because of what you as parents are. An older sister can fulfill those same roles if you teach her properly. An older brother isn't necessarily going to fulfill that grandiose brother role just because he is a male. Once I put my somewhat radical traditional roles into perspective and realized that I was basically lessening the value, abilities and talents of my unborn daughter, I felt better.

I don't have any brothers and I turned out perfectly fine (some may say this is debatable). I do however have an older sister who acted like a second mother to me even though we are only 1 year  and 2 months apart. She fiercely protected me throughout my childhood and warded off unwanted males throughout high school. She still takes care of me to this day and honestly I let her because I like it. She is inevitably a large part of why I am who I am today and that gives me joy.

So while I assumed that my little one was a boy and while Hector and I had thought having a boy first would be better, I look to my creator and thank Him for allowing us to be the parents of this wonderful bundle of joy. I thank Him for making our journey thus far with pregnancy a relatively easy one. I thank Him for allowing me to get pregnant quickly. I thank Him for withholding morning sickness from me. I thank Him and praise Him that come this November I will meet the second love of my life. And I definitely thank Him and praise Him that my little peanut will be swaddled in pink.

I know she will undoubtedly be spoiled by all of her grandparents, aunts and uncles (she has a lot of them). But more then that I know she will be loved so greatly that she will never doubt her worth. I know that she will have her father wrapped around her finger so quickly he won't have a clue what hit him. And I know that if I lost her today I would mourn her as if it had been 20 years and not 20 weeks. God gives and he takes away, but today I feel like I have been given more then I could ever imagine and I am overwhelmed with His love for us.

Baby P and Baby G (both girls)

Ethan West - future best friend of Baby P
(or possible arranged marriage? j/k)

And yes the proud parents of Baby P... 
(we will take good care of you, I promise)


  1. Very sweet. I too was thinking a boy would be better first, but now I'm just so in love with my crazy little daughter that I couldn't imagine her being anything else. Girls are awesome.

  2. YAY! I can't wait to help plan your baby shower! It's going to be fabulous! You and Hector are going to make great parents and I assured your husband that I was the older of two (my little brother) and I was very much a protector and had my share of tomboy phases and eventually grew out of it (minus my surfer, snowboarding, and the NBA love portion) and learned to love Anthro (which is very girly). And I would like to think I turned out decent... hehe you!

  3. Having a girl first is awesome. She is such a little helper which will be a great blessing to you with number 2, 3 etc... :) I know Hector will be totally smitten as Joe was at first sight. You guys will be great and I am excited to meet her!!


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