Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good things come from friends in Minnesota

So today as I was checking the mail I just happened to receive a pink package from none other then my best bud Jeanne. Here is what was in the package...

The post office seriously sells awesome packaging!

Jeanne's handwriting... I think it should be a font.

I was soo excited to open it. I love mail!

Wrapping part 2 - I like the pink theme :)

Hello adorable outfit #1! - the little undies seriously are sooo cute.

This one was slightly hard to photograph, but its the perfect little dress for yachting!

She will probably be sporting this next 4th of July! (as long as she isn't too big)

I am pretty sure I almost bought a dress just like this one, but in my size. LOVE the color.

And my personal fav! The plaid and ruffle leg holes and bow ties at the shoulders just made me melt.
I LOVED them all!!!!! Boy do I have great friends.

I can't wait to spoil your little one some day. My daughter's sense of style already rocks and she isn't even born. I love it :)

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