Saturday, August 28, 2010

11 weeks

It's weird to really think about how much my life is going to change within the next 11 weeks. Today I slept in until 10am and now its 11:30am and I am still in bed. It feels wonderful. I am definitely taking everyone's advice and sleeping waaaay more then necessary :) For the past 3 nights I feel like I could've won an Olympic gold medal for sleeping. I would fall asleep at 10:30p and wake up at 8am. I would then roll over and find my husband already dressed and ready to go to work. I was amazed that I slept through his alarm and all 3 hits of the snooze button, the bright lights going on in the bathroom, the shower noise and of course the closet doors opening and closing. It was wonderful.

But I know this reality will soon be a dream and although it will be hard to give up all these hours of wonderful slumber, I know it will be worth it. Here is a synopsis of my pregnancy to date and some statistical information for those of you who are interested. Personally I am always asking people questions like how much did you gain? When did sleep become difficult? When did life as a whole become uncomfortable etc. So for those of you who are like me and like the 411 on everyone's unique experience with pregnancy here is mine :)

Today's Date: August 28th, 2010
Weeks Pregnant: 28 weeks 6 days (almost 29 weeks)
Current Weight: 152
Weight at the Start of Pregnancy: 126
Total pounds gained so far: 26
Height: 5'6''
Did I get Morning Sickness: Nope
Did my belly itch: A LOT around 18 weeks. Lotion helps. It has since stopped itching.
Do I eat weird foods: Not really, maybe once or twice, but not consistently
Do I exercise: Off and On, but I really try to swim 2-3x a week and walk 1-2x a week
Do I eat healthy: I try, but I am no nutritionist. I like Ice Cream and In-N-Out :) But I also have lots of greens, veggies, protein and fruit smoothies. I am conscience about what I am eating, but I am not obsessed about it.
Am I swelling: Only when its super hot out will I retain water. So I have to make sure I stay active, eat less salt, drinks lots of water and take off my wedding rings. But once the heat goes away I can feel the swelling disappear.
Have I enjoyed being pregnant: YES! Its been such a fun experience. Not to mention I have been blessed with a relatively hassle free pregnancy. I can easily imagine myself doing this 3+ more times. However, ask me this again after I deliver ; )
What's my birth plan: Well I am keeping an open mind, but the idea is to deliver 100% naturally no drugs, no iv, no pain meds in the birthing center at UCSD Medical Center. However, I realize that these things can have a mind of their own so I am keeping an open mind so that I don't become a stress case if something goes wrong.
Have I taken any birth classes: No
Have I read any books: Yes, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and I watched the "Business of Being Born" documentary.
Am I using a doula: No, that will be provided by my wonderful husband :)
Did I do all recommended screenings: Yes. Any test that the hospital offered I took (as long as it wasn't invasive or a health risk to myself or my baby). 
Did I get the flu shot: No
Did I get the H1N1 shot: No
Did I get the whooping cough vaccine: Haven't decided yet
Did we find out the sex: Yes, its a girl :)
Do we have names: We have a list, but we haven't decided on one specifically. We might not name her until we meet her, but this is not some ploy to keep the name a secret. When we decide on a name we will let people know. Until then a decision has not been made :) However, I do not share the names on our list with everyone because people can be so opinionated!! And I want to name my daughter something I love, not something that everyone else loves. So deal with it.
Are you moving: No. We have decided to stay in our 1 bed 1 bath 600 sq ft condo for at least 6 months after she is born. Why? Well financially we have no idea how she will really affect us. You can budget as much as you like, but we don't know if she will have unforeseen medical costs or health problems. We also really love our place and it has everything we would want in a home except for more space. So instead of sacrificing all the luxuries we currently have for more sq footage, we are sacrificing sq footage to keep the luxuries i.e. dishwasher, washer/dryer, dual-paned windows, garage, wood floors, gated community, a new building that doesn't have asbestos, or other foreign contaminates that I don't want her around and good neighbors.

So that's it for now and for those of you who are not on facebook here is a look at the past 28 weeks and how this little one has been growing :)

I hope to post another final update just like this either right before she comes or right after :) Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us throughout this incredible journey. It's been a tremendous blessing!

It's crazy to see what 15 weeks of pregnancy can do to you!!


  1. Okay this is going to be long but only because I can relate on so many levels!

    First off... you look amazing! I wish all my weight stayed in my belly, but unfortunately, that was not the case for me. By the end, I must have had 5-10 pounds of water weight alone!

    I agree with getting alot of sleep, but don't worry.. you'll have plenty once she comes too. The first couple of weeks I just napped throughout the day since she slept so much, and then after 6 weeks, she started sleeping through the night (defined as 12-5am) and now she actually goes from 11am to 6am, eats, and then goes back to sleep for another 3.5 hours! If I realllly want to sleep in, say til 11am, I just put her back to sleep for another 3 hours. It's awesome. I get all the sleep I need. I recommend the book Baby Wise for sleeping through the night.

    I also enjoyed In N Out... I think its because you need so much iron that your body naturally craves burgers and red meat... I know I did! That craving went away once I had her.

    I wholeheartedly believe you can go 100% natural. The best births are usually those sans drugs. Your doing it at the right place too. The best way to do that is at a birthing center where the drugs aren't encouraged because if they're available, you might be tempted to have them... but remember, God doesn't give you more than you can handle which is totally the case. It may feel like you can't handle anymore, then the pain subsides and you're able to do what you gotta do. I totally feel like I could have multiple kids now even with everything I went through toward the end.

    The bottom line is, all the thoughts of how its going to be don't even compare to the real thing. Having a baby is such a blessing and being a mother is like no other purpose you'll ever have. It is the sweetest, most joyful thing in the world. I can't wait for you to meet your lil' cutie. It's all worth it in the end.

    Glad you're enjoying the journey!

  2. Correction: "...and now she actually goes from 11pm to 6am, eats, and then goes back to sleep for another 3.5 hours!"

  3. Hi! I'm Heather, Emily (Mingo's) Sister. She shared your blog with me a long time ago & I read it on my phone when I'm nursing my little one at night. <3

    Anyway, excuse me if this is way too forward, but I wanted to share this link with you, regarding the Pertussis vaccine & pregnant women:

    I highly recommend Dr. Sears' book, The Vaccine Book. Whether you are for or against vaccinating your baby he doesn't judge or scold or even share his opinion, he just lays out the facts about what the vaccines contain & the info on the diseases they are for. It's excellent. Congratulations on your upcoming blessing! <3

  4. Hey! I found the link to your blog on fb, call me a creeper if you want to:)... I love all of your pregnancy updates because it reminds me how fun it was to be pregnant. It's crazy how fast you forget all the little things. I'm so glad that you are enjoying it so much and that it is going so well!
    I'm going to link you to my blog and here is my blog address incase you get bored:)

    I can't wait to hear the name you choose! I love all names and I also feel that others shouldn't give their opinions because - you can name your kid whatever you want to, just like they can theirs:)
    I'm glad I found your cute blog! hope all is well with your cute little family!

  5. Melissa - you are a gem! Thanks for all of your encouragement and positive comments. I love hearing them :)
    Heather - not at all too forward. I am not really against getting vaccines especially with the whopping cough going around. I just wanted to educate myself more before Dr's stick me with every chemical known to man :) thanks for the recommendation on the book I will definitely be picking it up.
    Brittny - Your not a creeper at all! The whole point of having a blog is to put stuff out there for everyone to read :) Your little Quinn is absolutely precious and her 1 month pictures on your blog are wonderful!! ;) I am adding your blog to my list.

  6. Hi Melissa! Thanks for emailing me yesterday about the belly cast. i will have to look into the comments thing on my blog...i really need to fix if the problem is on my end!
    I just went back to your blog and was reading more...i love all your belly shots and its fun to see other womens progress at different weeks. i am in my 25th week and just now starting to feel big...also i didnt feel kicks until week 21! (a month after you)
    we are also searching for the perfect hispanic name...but we need to pick a boy and girl name since we are not finding out the sex. i enjoy reading your posts since i will be going through everything right behind you! love your blog too!!
    thanks and nice to *meet* YOU!!!!!!!
    ps. cant wait to do my belly cast...ill send you the link when i blog the process:)


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